What I Learned Traveling with Twins

What I Learned Traveling with Twins

There’s a learning curve to doing anything with children, especially twins. We were jumping into the great unknown when we decided to travel to upstate New York in early spring with six-month-old twins. We survived, however, even if we did learn some valuable lessons for the next time we travel.

6 Things You Need to Stop Doing on Planes

6 Things You Need to Stop Doing on Planes

I do not hate children or think they should be kept out of public spaces. I want to breed some day. I can understand that it is hard to manage your children on a plane, especially long haul flights. Babies will scream, toddlers will tantrum, elementary age children will run up and down the aisles, and teens will listen to their music too loudly. That's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about parents who bring their children on long flights and refuse to control them.

WOW Airline Review

Photo from Huffington Post Canada

Photo from Huffington Post Canada

Let's get straight to it: WOW Airlines is a budget airline. They just recently started operating out of San Francisco airport, and as Icelandair does not operate out of any airport in California, it is your only choice for going to Iceland if you live in San Francisco.

The deals, at first glance, appear to be outrageously cheap. $99 dollars for a flight to Iceland! Amazing! But then you start digging a little deeper and realize that this is for one way and it's only for certain dates. No bother, the flights are still incredibly cheap when compared to other flights to Europe. 

Currently, WOW Airlines has 4/10 stars on Skytrax. Here is my review of the delightfully purple and cheeky WOW Airlines. 

Seat Comfort

I had heard rumors that WOW Airlines seats do not recline. This is a lie: the seats totally recline even in economy. They were some of the roomiest seats that I have ever encountered. In addition, our flight was not full both ways and on the way back we had the entire middle row to ourselves. The cushions on the seat are not particularly comfortable, but not any worse than the usual airline. 

Cabin Staff Service

The cabin staff was perfectly friendly and helpful. One of them was helping a woman with her crying baby and carrying it up and down the aisle. 

Food and Beverages

Yes, you have to pay for your food and beverages. This is not a mystery. The airline makes this quite clear on their website. The prices are high like you would expect on an airplane. If this is a major concern for you, then purchase water, beverages, and food before you get on the flight. I did not try any of the food when I was on the plane. 

In Flight Entertainment

There is no in-flight entertainment provided. On a seven-hour flight, this is not a huge deal to me. You can rent iPads for approximately $20, which is outrageous. Come prepared with your own electronics, a pack of playing cards, or maybe even a book. 

Ground Service

Checking in at KEF was easy and quick. Our flight from SFO was delayed for about twenty minutes but that is to be expected at SFO. Our flight from KEF left on time and the boarding process went smoothly. No complaints here. 

WiFi Connectivity

I did not bring any electronics on board that would require WiFi connectivity. 

Value for Money

Excellent! If you understand what you are getting yourself in for and prepare appropriately, WOW Airlines is a great budget airline from SFO and other locations that are not serviced by Icelandair. We had no problem with our carry-ons and were able to fit 6 days of luggage in our personal carry-ons. With all the extras, it may not be as affordable as it looks at first glance, but we had absolutely no problem with flying on WOW. 

Plus, the cheeky one-liners and flashy colors make it a rather fun experience.