The Weekly Round-Up - July 2

Here I am blogging again. I am trying my best to keep up with blogging more regularly. No exciting travels recently, but we have been spending a lot of time at different parks around Ashland. We also had family in town visiting, which was a nice change of pace. 


  • The babies love to make snorting sounds. 

  • Baby B’s favorite game is keep away and ball in the mouth. 

  • Baby A can now crawl up the stairs. She’s not the most agile, but she’s working on it. 

  • Baby B is on a sleep revolt and will only fall asleep in her father’s arms. 

  • It was our nanny’s last week. We are so sad to be losing her. 


  • We made our usual trip to Medford for swim class. We love our swim class at ABK. 

  • We are getting ready for our trip to the Bay Area on Friday. 


  • This week we started getting HelloFresh meal boxes. We decided to try this to cut down on our food waste, time spent meal prepping, and time spent grocery shopping. Hopefully, it will also help reduce our grocery bill. We made spinach and ricotta pasta with sausage and tomatoes (babies loved it), chicken quesadillas (also a baby favorite), and cheddar crusted chicken with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli (babies loved the sweet potatoes). 

  • I hit up Griffin Creek Coffee as part of the Rogue Ragamuffins parent Meetup. Their drip coffee is solid, and the coffee cake from Manna Bakery was delicious. It was a moist coffee cake laced with spices and topped with a crunchy walnut crumble. 

  • We went to Sammich for Al’s 34th birthday. Sammich is my favorite Ashland lunch spot. Initially started in Portland, Sammich is a Chicago-style sandwich shop located near Southern Oregon University. I’ve had three of their sandwiches so far: the turkey cran, the Chicago Italian beef, and the timbo “Chicago cheesesteak.” I think the timbo is my favorite so far. Remember to give yourself a lot of time to eat here as the service is slow.

  • Lastly, Al’s sister and her family were in town for a visit, and we went to Caldera Brewery in South Ashland. To drink, I had the wonderfully floral Hibiscus Ginger Beer, and to eat, I had the Seared Ahi Tuna Salad. At first, I thought the tuna had too much black pepper; I usually like spice but this was burning my mouth. However, that was the end piece, and the rest was fine. The passion fruit vinaigrette was punchy and fruity, far too acidic on its but paired with the creamy avocado and tuna it worked well. Al ordered the burger and an excellent side of crispy thin cut fries. 


  • I am looking forward to our trip to California. Mostly I’m excited to see family, but I am looking forward to the beach and all the delicious food. 

  • While we are in California, I am hoping to eat several things: poke, Ethiopian food, and decent Mexican food. None of these can be found in southern Oregon.