The Weekly Round-Up - June 23

I plan on trying to blog more in the upcoming weeks. Since having the twins, I feel I have been remiss with my blogging and traveling. While our lives haven’t slowed down, the amount of traveling we do certainly has. We were planning to travel to Europe this summer, but those have been put aside for visiting friends and family along the west coast. I hope to keep updating everyone on our lives (mostly babies), travels, and what we’re eating and drinking.

The Week in Babies

  • At nine and a half months old, both babies can crawl and pull themselves up into a standing position. Baby B can crawl up the stairs and Baby A is working on it.

  • Both babies now cry and scream when they don’t get what they want.

  • Baby A can say “nana” (for our babysitter Anya), “dada”, “baba”, “die die”, “titta” (her word for sister), and “mama.” Baby B can say “dada” and “mama.”

  • Both babies have started making silly scrunched up faces at each other.

  • They have become obsessed with going to places they are not allowed to go (up the stairs, the kitchen, mom and dad’s room, etc.).

The caldera that is Crater Lake. The island you see is Wizard Island.

The caldera that is Crater Lake. The island you see is Wizard Island.

The Week in Travel

  • This Sunday we drove up to Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake is great for a day trip from Ashland since it is only two hours away. We parked near the Rim Lodge and strolled the rim. This was the first time I wore either baby on my back (I normally front carry), and it was so much better for my back and taking photos. I could switch lenses with ease and set up photos without a baby grabbing for my camera.

  • For Father’s Day, we went to Granite Street Reservoir at the top of Lithia Park in Ashland. Filled with mountain run-off, this refreshingly cool reservoir is open to swimmers. I liked the cold, but it was far too cold for the babies and Al.

Granite Street Creek Reservoir above Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon.

Granite Street Creek Reservoir above Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon.

The Week in Food & Beverage

  • This week was a burger and sandwich week at our house. I made salmon burgers with wasabi mayo, BBQ turkey burgers studded with cheddar cheese, and steak sandwiches with horseradish cream sauce and greens.

  • I worked a lot from Rogue Valley Roasting Company, which doesn’t have the best coffee in town but has fast wi-fi and tasty croissants. Rogue Valley Roasting Company is a neighborhood coffee joint and doesn’t see much tourist traffic, which keeps it quiet and ideal for remote working.

  • I also worked from ReMix which has better coffee and a decent apple-cheddar scone. I don’t like working from ReMix since it gets louder and caters more to tourists than Rogue Valley Roasting Company.

Coming up in Travel, Food, & Beverage

  • Next month we are traveling to California. We will be visiting the SF Bay Area and Lake Tahoe. We also have tickets to see Eddie Izzard in Berkeley for my mother-in-law’s birthday.

  • We will also be traveling to the Bay Area and Sacramento area in August to cater a wedding plus a weekend trip to Seattle.

  • This coming week we are going to start getting HelloFresh meal kits three times a week. We did Sun Basket last summer while I was pregnant, and I want to see how this compares.

  • Al’s birthday is this week, and we’re hoping to hit up another Ashland spot for lunch.