February Travel Round Up

I feel like I just finished writing my January travel round-up; the month of February flew by. February brought a great number of adventures and a chance to get away from the gray gloom of a historic flood season in California. 


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Santa Barbara, California


Hiking up a waterfall and ziplining through the Puerto Rican rainforest. While I did not get out to El Yunque (I know! I will have to save it for another trip) because I was unable to rent a car (I haven't received my replacement credit card), I did an adventure tour with Rocaliza Adventure Tours. The tour included a hike through a waterfall, five ziplines, and a homemade meal at a farmstead. This trip was worth every penny and gave me the chance to socialize with other travelers. One of the downsides of traveling alone and working remotely (plus being relatively antisocial and shy) is the lack of interacting with people outside of the service industry. 

Getting a brand new car. My sixteen-year-old Volkswagen Gold unexpectedly breaking down on my way to the office (seriously, the one day I go into our physical office) led to the purchase of a brand new car. The fix on the Volkswagen was more than half the value of the car and the owner of the auto shop was looking for a burner for her nephew. I've been wanting to get a car with all-wheel drive for a while and decided to buy a 2017 Subaru Impreza. But man is auto financing a complicated and nerve-wracking experience.

Seeing John Wick 2 in the historic Alameda Theatre. This restored art-deco theatre is a beautiful venue to see the gun-fu of Keanu Reeves as reluctant assassin John Wick. This is a continuation of the sad Keanu gets revenge-fest of John Wick without the dead puppy and more lines delivered through clenched teeth. I might have a bit of a crush on Keanu.


Why I'm a "Bad" Feminist When Traveling #feminism #femalesolotravel Want to read my hardly illuminating narcissistic ramblings on how much I fuck up my feminism when traveling? Then read this popular post. 


Working from the Houston Airport.

Working from the Houston Airport.

People like seeing what my work set-up is like especially when I work remotely. People sometimes have this image of people typing away next to the beach sipping tropical cocktails but a lot of remote work is frantically finding trying to find wi-fi and catching snippets of work time between flights. 


February was such a good reading month. 

I've waxed poetic about the amazing Martha Gellhorn before. I can't get enough of her pointed, elegant prose. I'm currently reading her anti-war journalist tour-de-force The Face of War , a book focusing on four different war fronts. I'm also reading her biography Gellhorn: A Twentieth-Century Life by Caroline Moorehead. If you're at all interested in journalism in the early to mid-twentieth century, the perspective of women, Hemingway, or wars in the twentieth century, then I would highly recommend reading about Gellhorn or reading one of her works. She's been truly overshadowed by the hulking presence of her ex-husband Ernest Hemingway.

Long plane rides without other forms of entertainment (thanks crappy United flights) equal extended periods of reading. I have a hard time sleeping on planes so I can usually read a book or two on a transcontinental flight. This month it was the Regency England Detective Lavender series by Karen Charlton. These are not literature with a capital "l", but they are entertaining and easy reading for a long flight. 


February introduced me to Puerto Rican food: Mallorcas, mofongo, acerola juice, etc. Highlights included a meal at a farm in the rainforest, a food tour with Spoon Food Tours, and a couple of great breakfasts at Pinky's West Condado. 


I finished the month of February with a tasty visit to Hoffmann Brat Haus, a German-inspired beer and sausage hall. They have a number of excellent beers on draft and bottled. The sausages range from traditional bratwurst to rattlesnake and rabbit blends. I ordered the jalapeno elk sausage with caramelized onions on a pretzel bun. 


Keeping it local. I want to focus on the southern California area with some day trips around Santa Barbara and exploring the city of Ventura more. Maybe I will even venture into the great unknown of Los Angeles.