Grand Rapids Public Museum

If you find yourself in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a great way to spend a few hours is to explore the collections from A to Z at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. The hours are Monday & Wednesday through Saturday 9-5, Tuesday 9-8, and Sunday 12-5; the cost of admission: $10 for adult non-residents and $5 for children non-residents).


Visitors can stroll through the streets of 1890s Grand Rapids on the first level. The next level houses a number of collections such as the furniture collection and Egyptian artifacts, as well as the planetarium and cafe. At the top level of the museum, visitors learn about the history of native peoples and immigration in Grand Rapids. Finish your visit with a ride on the 1928 Spillman Carousel.


When I visited the museum in June 2017, the special exhibits were bioluminescence and puzzles. The puzzles exhibit was an interactive exhibit which included a number of challenging (at least for me) brain teasers. The bioluminescence exhibit displayed all the ways a creature or plant can be bioluminescent. Tons of glow in the dark fun. 


According to the Grand Rapids Public Museum website, the current special exhibits are Dragons, Unicorns, and Mermaids (awesome!) and Brain: The World Inside Your Head. The museum also houses a mediocre and overpriced cafe which in the summer is full of wasps. I would recommend skipping it and heading to one of Grand Rapids many brewery restaurants.