Mt. Shasta: Bunny Flat

To celebrate my thirty-first birthday (woo! made it another year without dying!), my boyfriend and I drove up to Mt. Shasta for a hike. We woke up at quarter to five in the morning and made the five-hour drive up to the mountain. Along the way., we stopped at Hedge Creek Falls and ate lunch in Mt. Shasta City.

Chicken Nachos from Seven Suns Cafe in Mt Shasta City. 

Chicken Nachos from Seven Suns Cafe in Mt Shasta City. 

In Mt Shasta City is a cafe called the Seven Suns. This place was packed with locals and visitors. Mt Shasta City caters to the hiking and backpacking crowd, as well as people making their way to and from Oregon. Because of this, Mt Shasta City has a number of good food options. 

I ordered the chicken nachos, and my boyfriend got a breakfast burrito with ham. The food came out quickly, though the cashier warned it would take upwards of 25 minutes, and it was surprisingly satisfying. My boyfriend inhaled his breakfast burrito in under five minutes, which speaks to its deliciousness. Service was adequate, and the outdoor seating was nice. 


We ordered two coffees to go (average) and continued our drive up the mountain to Bunny Flat. Originally, we had planned to hike the Gray Butte Trail, but it was getting late in the day, and we had forgotten to bring water. Instead, we stopped at Bunny Flat parking area. This is where you can register if you're going into the Shasta Wilderness and use the restroom. I would highly recommend using the bathrooms here; they're exceptionally clean for pit toilets. 


Bunny Flat is your access point to all winter Shasta activities and the road is cleared of snow year-round. To get to Bunny Flat, you must take the Everitt Memorial Highway, the only paved road on Mount Shasta. At Bunny Flat, you get spectacular views of Mount Shasta's summit. 


We took the Green Butte Ridge Trail which goes off to the right and climbs steadily through dense forest. We didn't get far though because we were ill-prepared and didn't bring water. The altitude got to both of us quickly, and I was tired from the hours of driving. 

I can't wait to get to Mount Shasta again, better prepared and earlier in the day. One day, I will climb to the summit.