San Buenaventura State Beach

Walk ten minutes from my house and you will find yourself at San Buenaventura State Beach. From my bedroom window I can see the ocean; when there's not a roaring Amtrak flashing by. Everywhere you go in Ventura, there's a sign pointing toward the beach. There's way too many breakfast joints, liquor stores, and surf shops for this to be anything other than a beach town.  


San Buenaventura State Beach is not the best beach in Ventura, but it's the one where you're most likely to visit, and it's the one closest to my house. It's also home to the awesome Jolly Oyster, which I named as one of my top meals of 2016. With plenty of sand and good surfing, San Buenaventura SB is even popular in the winter time. We were having an unseasonably warm winter day, a sunny reprieve after the weeks of rain.

There's benches for picnics, a paved bike and walk path to the river, dunes you are not allowed to sit on, waves to surf on, and volleyball nets. But if you're like me you will get sucked into taking photos of flowers, weeds, and grasses. Beautiful waves and beach, nah, let me take a photo of this flower. 

Or the rocks. People complain a lot about the rocks on Yelp. Yeah, because you can rate a beach on Yelp where people give a BEACH ONE STAR BECAUSE IT HAS ROCKS. *face to palm*. Let me rate this forest. This forest has trees. It makes it hard to see other trees. 


Okay, the rocks are not there naturally. They've been added because it is less expensive than to build a jetty. It's not a great beach compared to the beaches of northern California but the views of the channel islands can't be beat and the sunsets are spectacular. 

Park on the street so you don't end up paying ten dollars for parking. Or pay out the ass to live in a beach town like me and then just walk to the beach. Walk far enough north and you reach the pier which you can fish off of or crabbing. There's a snack shack and a bait shop I've never been to. The surrounding neighborhood is full of cute beach bungalow type houses that I would never be able to afford which are probably all vacation homes for people to use and then complain about rocks at the beach.