Highlights of October 2016

October 2016 was an awesome month for travel. Here are the highlights and stats. 

  • Week long trip to Iceland, which included crossing off two items on my bucket list: hiking on a glacier and visiting the Icelandic Phallalogical Museum (thirty minutes of my life I will never get back *shudder*). 
  • One roundtrip transatlantic flight. Two airports visited: SFO and Keflavik. 
  • Day trip to Muir Beach and the Pelican Inn
  • Two separate day trips to Santa Cruz: one to Fall Creek Unit of Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park (pretty much my favorite place in Santa Cruz and California) and one to the city of Santa Cruz proper. 
  • Food highlights include the best cinnamon roll I've ever eaten, Icelandic hot dogs, hot chocolate from Chocolate at Santa Cruz, and milk chocolate almond toffee from Donnelly's Fine Chocolates.