The Wall Poetry of Reykjavik in 25 Photos

With around 120,000 people, Reykjavik would not register as a city in California, but this capital of the North Atlantic nation of Iceland is the country's largest city and cultural hub. At first glance, Reykjavik comes across as a quaint Scandinavian mid-sized town, but looking past the clean Nordic lines and colorful houses, Reykjavik's art scene makes its mark around the city center and outer neighborhoods. 

Around almost every corner a mural popped out at me and took me by surprise. Mostly completed in 2015, much of the artwork was for the Wall Poetry for the Iceland Airwaves Festival. You can learn more about the specific artists and artwork at this post from I Heart Reykjavik

Right down the street from our AirBnB in Old Town. Erotic street art on a large scale. 

Bender laser beam eyes and a volcano. Found on Laugavegur in downtown Reykjavik. 

Intergalactic rainbow unicorn not far from the Reykjavik City Hall in the Old Town area. 

I think this one was on the side of the Bergsson RE building in the Harbor. 

This was one of my favorites. A girl riding a moth and tearing it apart at the same time. In the Harbor. 

The side of a sushi restaurant in the Harbor. The roof had an octopus birthday cake statue. 

Side of a house in the Old Town area near our AirBnB. 

This is certainly not a lie. 

Beer can street art. This was located in the main shopping area of Reykjavik. 

Vomit or spitball? In the downtown shopping area of Reykjavik. 

Angry chimpanzee holding a streetlight pitchfork. Possibly. In downtown Reykjavik. 

Puritan meets gangster. 

Stairway to FISH.

I think it says Glacier RWS. Yeah, don't know what that means. 

C is for Pineapple. No, that doesn't work. 

Very Picasso meets spray can. 

Inside look into a downtown Reykjavik building. 

I think many American tourists have this misconception that Reykjavik and Iceland are this pristine Nordic fairyland. I was certainly under the impression, from watching such shows as No Reservations, that everything was clean, straight lines and perfectly painted buildings. The empty lots and tagging relieved me in a way. 

A piece by the Ugly Brothers from a parking lot. It reminds me of Marvin the Martian, but on acid. A lot of acid. 

One of my favorites. It reminds me, most likely mistakenly, of Freyja. It completely wraps around to the front of the building. 

Frankenstein vampire. A mash up of 19th century Gothic novels. 

A depiction of Fenrir, the son of Loki and Angerboda. What is more metal than street art meets Norse mythology? Love it. 

My boyfriend dubbed this one "sad pigeon."

Some pretty birdies. 

Creepy child mural in a park. 

This is an exhaustive collection of the Wall Poetry of Reykjavik or its street art. I loved walking around the city and finding these around almost every corner. I felt like I was on the hippest treasure hunt.