My 5 Travel Packing Must-Haves

My travel packing must-haves. Whether I’m on a road trip or on an overseas trip, these are the five things that I hate to travel without. Of course, this does not include clothing, toiletries, and footwear. 

There’s hardly a day that goes by where I don’t read from a book. It took me a long time to convert to the Kindle and e-books, but now that I have, I don’t think I will go back to buying hard copies unless it’s a book I have to have a hard copy of. The Kindle holds a charge for days with heavy use and it’s much lighter than packing multiple books on a trip. 

Packing Cubes
Nothing will save you space like packing cubes. I prefer the kind with two pockets: one for clean and one for dirty. It keeps your clothes organized and leaves you room for other important items. They’re also great for backpacking.


I am not the world’s best sleeper though I can apparently sleep through multiple mortars going off right outside my window. But if there’s traffic or snoring, I can’t fall asleep. I traveled without headphones to Vietnam and I learned the hard way—read: I was a cranky sleep-deprived bitch. The last several days my friend let me borrow her headphones, and I was able to listen to fall asleep to my usual: British history documentaries with Lucy Worsley. 

Notebook and Pen 

I love writing in a physical notebook. I’ve tried to train myself to use my phone to take notes and record, but it’s never stuck. I’ve found it super useful for those unfortunate times you can’t charge your phone or don’t want to rely on your phone. 

Playing Cards

What? Not a smartphone. Okay, yes, one of these should be a smartphone preferably with a SIM card that can be used overseas, but it’s one of those items that I feel is a given with modern travelers. One thing that not everyone would consider a must have is a deck of playing cards. This is for all those times you’re stuck waiting for a plane or on a long-haul overseas flight. Solitaire is the perfect entertainment when you’ve tired of watching multiple Tina Fey movies.